Some Questions and Answers for my book "Developing Enterprise Java Applications with
Spring Frameworks: An End-to-End Approach"

Q1: How do I enable deploying SOBA and MyNotes samples straight from Maven  to Tomcat 7

Step 1: Add the following <plugin> element within the <plugins> section of the pom.xml file (replace soba with mn
for the MyNotes sample):


Step 2: Locate the Maven settings.xml file (in C:\Users\<yourLoginID>\.m2 on Windows) and add the following
element (assuming that you have followed the instructions in the book to configure your tomcat with the following
username and password):


Step 3: Make sure your Tomcat server is running

Step 4: cd to your project directory and execute mvn -DskipTests tomcat:deploy to deploy or mvn -DskipTests
to redeploy.

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