Updated on April 28, 2014 (webflow related changes)

SpringSource somehow recently removed the spring-webflow-2.4.xsd from its website and now it
must be changed to spring-webflow.xsd. Please download the latest soba project or make the
following changes if you have already downloaded and set up soba project on your IDE:

Locate the *.xml file in each of the folders in src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/flow/{customerDetails,
customerSearch, onlineService and transferMoney} and replace spring-webflow-2.4.xsd with

Also, to make transferMoney webflow example work, you need to modify the
ehcache.xml file in the src/main/resources
folder so that the maxElementsInMemory="10000" for both defaultCache and aclCache. Otherwise, transferMoney will
not succeed and you will find errors in soba.log file like "
ERROR disk.DiskStorageFactory Disk Write of
com.perfmath.spring.soba.model.domain.BankingTx; Identifier: 443759348] failed: net.sf.ehcache.CacheException:
Failed to serialize element due to ConcurrentModificationException. This is frequently the result of inappropriately
sharing thread unsafe object (eg. ArrayList, HashMap, etc) between threads

Updated on April 21, 2014 (two jackson dependencies missing)

Please make the following two changes and SOBA 4 should work in your environment:

1) Locate the soba-webflow.xml file in the folder src/main/webapp/WEB-INF and change 2.4.xsd to
2.3.xsd. It's very strange that somehow recently Spring removed the 2.4.xsd file and I even couldn't
run SOBA sample in my environment anymore. It has to be changed to 2.3. I have had 2.4 for
SOBA3.2GA and it worked just fine.

2) Add the following two dependencies to the project pom.xml file, rebuild and deploy SOBA as
described in the book.  


After you make these two changes, SOBA should run in your environment as well.

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